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Don't shrink your vision

Many people get to reduce the proportions of their dreams and visions the moment failures beset them. But I am of the opinion that anytime we witness failure in achieving our goals we should expand our vision further rather than limit it.

A personal story from my life goes like this, I made a decision that anytime I lost in love I would increase how much I loved by 50% rather than reducing the intensity of my relationships and shrugging off like most people do. And guess what, at about 200% level I found my soulmate and I have been putting 200% intensity from my initial 0% into my relationship and have had a great time for about 8 years now. The take out lesson is that rather than lowering your expectations hoping that if you reduce the scale of things you might achieve them faster, I believe you should scale things way bigger than you had initially planned.

Does this mean that we should not enjoy and celebrate over the little triumphs that we experience in our lives? the answer is no, I believe that we should celebrate every little moment of life with or without anything to celebrate about. Life is the ultimate miracle, the ultimate achievement. What I am saying here is that expand your vision after you fail, and don't shrink it down.

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