God needs us to create stuff

God knows everything, but wants to see everything. So go ahead and build those things that are pleasing to the eyes. 

One major purpose we have on earth is to create, the Universal Operating System that I call God has started the creative process through the creation of the universe. It is left for us now, conscious entities to further the creative process by building our own forms. We can say that God possesses the seed of creation but wants to see the final fruit, even though there might already be pre-knowledge of the fruit by the creator of the universe, it is up to humanity throughout the universe to manifest it. we are the creative process itself, a conscious part of it. 

Don't retire and just say that if God wanted anything it would have created it but realize that you are that thing that has been created to create the things God wants. Get your creative juices running and aid in the realization of the goal of the universe. 


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