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Mental Defragmentation.

One reason you should meditate from time to time is to allow time for the defragmentation of your brain. Just like in a typical computer system, if you are using the system, copying files into and out of it, a time will come when your hard disk will get heavily fragmented. The same applies to your brain, using your brain creates fragmentation. During sleep we go through a natural process of defragmentation, when our brain, consolidates the information it obtained during the day and integrates it with all the knowledge that we already have. But except you have a perfect 8-hour deep dreamless sleep every single night of the day from the day you were born to present, then you will need to meditate during the day or night to compensate for all the time you did not defragment you mind fully.

How is meditation different from catching a nap? Depending on the quality of your nap, it could be enough for you, but if you are like me who can’t just take a nap anytime you want it, then a process of consciously slowing down your mind could be very beneficial you.

There are many types of meditation out there, you should some research to find out the one that might be suitable for you.


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