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The Universal Operating System

We all wonder about the meaning of Life the Universe and Everything, but unlike the great Douglas Adams who simply said it was 42, I have tried to explain my ideas in this book much more clearly.

Religion of all kinds before now has tried to provide us with an explanation, of which many people are familiar with and many believe. It is not my place to take anybody away from their chosen religion. This is not my task as many religions have given billions of people the peace of mind that makes life meaningful. This is precious and must not be forcefully taken away by any system.

Science has done its best to explain the workings of the universe, which has made life very comfortable for many of us today. But as good as it is at explaining how everything works, it has not explained why anything works or came into being in the first place, in essence even the greatest scientists still contemplate the meaning of life if they have any introspective abilities left from the rigorous nature of their discipline.

In the early days of philosophy many people were free to come up with different assumptions about the nature of life and the universe without any need to make themselves appear scientifically correct, it is in line with those great ones of the past that I offer my own humble explanation of Life the Universe and Everything. In the following small booklet which you can find HERE just 33 pages long I have attempted to put what might seem like brief summaries of my understanding. I don't think I needed to write volumes to explain myself but just something short that can be read in 15 minutes containing ideas that might lead to a life long contemplation and personal discovery. Please read and enjoy...


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