Thoughts creating Reality

When we hear that our thoughts create our reality, we usually dream up some complicated situation where our thoughts are altering the atoms and molecules in the world to create our reality. Although this could be true at some level, basically we don’t need this level of understanding to get at the simple truth of our thoughts creating our future and our reality.

This is what it is basically: You start thinking up something, you repeatedly think of this thing until it becomes a habit. This habit start controlling your actions, and feeding back on itself and other thoughts in your brain. These habits start controlling the decisions you make and the actions you perform with your limbs. Your reality is now changing, because of a simple thought you once had and persistently thought about. You start becoming aware of opportunities all around that fit in with your current mental framework. You take some of these opportunities and boom you are in another reality. It could be a new physical location, some lifestyle changes, going certain places dictated by your mind and meeting new people and circumstances, etc. 

This is how our thinking changes our reality at a very basic level. So why should you control your thinking? why should you choose your thoughts carefully? Although we might not be able to choose every wording of every thought that comes into our mind, we can choose the general themes we think about. You should choose your thinking themes and thus the thoughts that we think about carefully because when we repeat these thoughts over and over they become habits and eventually progress to become the defining features of the physical reality that we perceive. 

Life will keep on churning out endless scenes before us our work is to adjust our thinking to match the things we want out of life. It’s like a game of catching colored balls being thrown at you on a computer screen. We may not be able to determine before hand the color and position of every new ball, but keeping our mind focused on catching red balls will keep us on the alert for red balls and thus hone our senses to enable us catch one when it finally appears. 

Focus your thoughts only on that which you want, ignoring everything you don’t want. This might be hard to do at first but with practice, it too will become habit. There are too many things in the world we don’t want, focusing on them will only bring them closer to us. Focus on the things you want day and night and with time you will gradually program your reality to bring you closer and closer to them.


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