Eliminate past trauma with Kirtan Kriya

Kirtan Kriya is a kundalini yoga kriya that I have been practicing for sometime. It has increased my memory and aided me in stress reduction. When I practice it I usually end up yawning heavily, after heavy yawning I usually have my eyes flowing with tears. I investigated the yawning aspect and found out that yawning could help the brain remove heat, relax and clear off toxins. This made me excited because I now understood the reason why I always felt good and emotionally free after just 12 minutes of this meditation. I have also practiced for the standard 30 minutes and I even felt better, but research says that as much as 12 minutes can yield massive benefits.

An intuition that came to my mind and is the topic of this post is that Kirtan Kriya eliminates past trauma from the brain.
When we have experienced some unpleasant happening in our life the brain shuts down certain pathways to the memories containing these experiences as a way to cope with the trauma. I think that why we are able to exist anyways is because the brain has been engineered to try to let go of all unpleasantness by forgetting about it, this is why when the brain detects stress, it usually receives a dose of cortisol to fry off some parts of it. This parts are mostly located in the hippocampus and I also suspect that frontal lobes could also be affected. 
Kirtan Kriya has been shown to improve memory and I have experienced the way it does so in my own life. My theory is that Kirtan Kriya resurrects those parts of the brain that have been destroyed by stress by resurrecting the cells and reformatting the neural connections to be deployed for another use, basically wiping out the memories of the traumatic incidence.
So reclaim you brian today with the ancient practice of Kirtan Kriya.


  1. Feel free to create your own mantra or phrase to repeat during meditation. You can pick something as simple as "relax," or "I am here, I am present, I am ready." After you've decided what mantra you'd like to focus on, start repeating it over and over again in your mind. Align your words with your breath so that it can be rhythmic and consistent.

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