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Happy Independence Day to Nigeria

Although like every other developing nation Nigeria is beset with challenges I believe that the people possess the will to overcome and will eventually succeed.

The Nigerian people are a very hardy folk and will find a way out of any difficulty that beset them, this includes the current recession the country is facing. We will look deep within ourselves and our nation and find the wisdom and intelligence to scale through.

To me the current recession is just a temporary correction on the path to success and I am betting a 100% that the country will overcome the current stagnation within a year and achieve upto 4% annual growth by the year 2018.

We are a young country with a lot to learn. We are learning, we are experimenting and will find lasting solutions to our problems both on a personal and a National level.

My advice to the youth of the nation is to increase their entrepreneurial prowess. To seek knowledge from the web, to learn to create new things that have value internationally, it is a global world we are immersed in and we have every right to participate in every sphere of activity.

Great Nigeria Great People.

By Jackreece Ejini


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