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How Twitter can overcome stagnated growth

I have been using Twitter for a while now and I have come to note some things that I dislike about the network. While I find it a matter of discipline to overcome the urge to visit Facebook, I find it extremely difficult to visit Twitter or even spend some time on the network. I like Twitter, the technology behind the system is beautiful, and it is because of my love for the network that I am taking the time to talk about it and offer solutions to how Twitter can improve its network. 

I do not have massive credentials but I am a good observer. I started observing the tech scene from 2001 to date, I have written to a bunch of companies mostly without reply, offering suggestions and means of improvements for free. I just happen to see certain things big companies cannot see, because I can stand in the side lines outside these companies and see how they were going wrong.

I have written to Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and even Facebook, and although I cannot say they explicitly took my advice, a clear trend that I have observed is that companies that are flexible enough to change or adjust their core models or values end up being winners.

Now I am writing about Twitter because I have twitted long enough about some of these issues with no response and I want to make a full blogpost on this issue which might be the last. I argued privately about the demise of Blackberry due to poor battery management, poor software design and other issues and now we can see the end of it.

I argued privately about the demise of Yahoo, my major complaint was that their home page is overloaded with information, which makes it very hard to see what the purpose of the site is. Yahoo was clearly pushing search, when Gmail had eaten into their email market due to its superior spam protection, but they overload their front page with so much ads and unnecessary stories making it hard for users to discover what their purpose was. You can’t be everything to everyone. By contrast one can observe Google’s front-page, it is neat and purposeful.

Microsoft is currently doing the same thing that killed yahoo with pushing its MSN network homepage on the front-page of edge browser, it is really annoying. I fire up my browser to browse, I have a purpose, I am not looking for random stories from the web, but big companies are stubborn and never learn until they start bleeding millions of dollars a day.

Now to Twitter, I will list all the problems I have with twitter in a numbered form below as I want to make it as clear as possible exactly what the issues I have against them are, if they choose to take this corrections, fine, if they don’t, they will end up changing CEO after CEO with no effect.

1. My Twitter timeline is extremely long: I have searched for settings to reduce the number of tweets I see to no avail, if the number of tweets were reduced to 10 solid tweets that captured the essence of my twitter usage behavior I would be happy to go online and see my top tweets for the day. There is this twitter subservice that I use which gave me the options of reducing the number of tweets I see per page. My main fear with opening twitter is the enormous number tweets I am being exposed to. There should be some setting to reduce this number.

2. Your ad prices are too high compared to Facebook. I have not used your ad service before but my brother who is a very regular advertiser on Facebook and does small volume cheap advertising there complained about the cost of setting up a campaign on your site. Learn from google and the past, Yahoo was doing gigantic, expensive and annoying banner ads, google exploded with their simple text ads, you guys could do better if you sell more ads at a cheaper rate.

3. Too many bots on Twitter: This is especially annoying, twitter can be graciously called the bot network, I am extremely angry at that. Since I have just about 360 followers or so, I wonder how many they will be when I Login the next time. I checked all my followers and discovered that there were too many fakes, spammers and bots. I don’t want bots to follow me, I want to interact with human beings.

4. Now this is the most annoying feature of twitter, I have tweeted so many times about this issue but it seems that twitter does not even have automated systems for collecting and analyzing tweets that include their own hashtags. This is the problem, a tweet by definition is too short. How am I expected to compress all my thoughts in 140 characters? Ok Twitter is having difficulties getting people to stay on the network, why will people stay when every tweet is linking them out of twitter? When I click on two or three articles on twitter, I am done with twitter and off to my life. So my time spent online is severely reduced. If twitter would allow people post longer posts and then shorten it when its being displayed with an option to show more, then I would be spending more time on twitter going from article to article on Twitter without ever following a link out of it. Just this simple alteration can increase user participation and the amount time spent on twitter. Don’t try to fight the video wars, Facebook is not winning either, it’s just simple I don’t always watch videos when I am online because of data economy. If I really want videos I go to YouTube when I can search for what I want to watch. I find it hard just spending time watching random videos when you have loads of work. Making it possible for people to read full articles without having to follow an out-link to the inbuilt browser. Sometimes you don’t want to make a full commitment to visiting a full site, you just want to get some information is some detail.

5. The Last problem I have observed is the quality of the photo section. I will not say much but I will refer you to an App the great Instagram. Please when I click on media I would like to see some grid like interface where smaller images of the full images display like Instagram. Your media section is deplorable as I have to see full versions of images that I might not be interested in.

Revamp your network and see if you will not grow massively.


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