Moringa Powder in Coffee for that Morning Boost.

As I struggle to find cheap ways to boost my mental energy to crush the enormous volumes of work I do as a computer programmer, I creatively stumbled on a simple solution that is closely as powerful as Bulletproof coffee (buttered coffee).

So I took a teaspoon of moringa and put it in my black coffee with no sugar and my brain was revving at maximum as if I was running it on a Tesla P100D electric drive train. The cool thing about this buzz was that there was no jitteriness even though I took a good amount of coffee.

On doing some research, I discovered that the synergistic effects of the aminos in the moringa must be interacting beneficially with the coffee to create that much needed mental boost.

Moringa Oleifera is a very nutritious herb with no known side effects and we all know the benefits of our morning coffee, a simple internet search will yield endless peer reviewed research articles detailing the matter.

So for those who want to hack their mental performance and might not be able to find some BulletProof coffee (buttered coffee) or some Brain Octane oil which can be gotten from BulletProof Nutrition starting with some cheap moringa and coffee in the mornings is a great alternative!


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