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The Power of a Nation resides in its #Teachers

If a country wants to improve its stature in the world it must take care of its Teachers. Teachers hold the entire nation in their hands because they are in charge of educating the future generations at all levels. Ignoring teachers or underpaying them is a clear and surefire way to destroy the future of a country.

It is so common among national leaders to try to pull some expensive gimmick to manipulate a stale economy. You hear of things like fiscal policy, monetary policy, debt, blah blah blah. All these methods are only as good as shouting at the top of your voice from the mountain top is as good a method of global communication. The true fundamental of a nation is education. You might disguise it in any kind of fancy sounding terms but the truth is that if you are not educating your populace properly you are already digging the pits of doom for your country.
It's so depressing when a country like Nigeria so undervalues teachers. Over the years there has been a reduction in both the quality and quantity of teachers available in the country. We are all bothered with politics and religion while our children are going out of institutions the same way they went in, uneducated.
If Nigeria stands a chance in the future it will be due to a massive push towards improving the educational sector. Singapore is a first world country today because of its massive investment in education. Commodities are nothing when you don't have a highly educated society that can be put to fruitful work and research.
Nigeria has to wake up, right now Teachers are striking due to non-payment of salaries, why in the name of heaven will you owe the teachers who are shaping the future of your nation. In my opinion, teachers, policemen, and nurses should be payed the highest in the society because they are making the most contribution to society both in the short and the long term. The issue of teachers salaries should not even be played with. Nigeria thinks it can survive a hyper technological global future peddling crude oil? I think we must be sleeping awake.
I can proudly say that I self learned all that I know. Although I am a graduate, due to the endless note copying with no impartation of solid knowledge except for a single instance with a notable Professor in my previous institution, I can say that the information content I obtained in school was vastly insufficient.
I have trudged along on my own gathering knowledge on my own from every available source, but what about the unmotivated youth or child? How will they cope? Many people need a structured environment where knowledge can be imparted to them and they can be properly tested to give them confidence that they have obtained some knowledge.
Although there are some institutions in Nigeria that I have heard good news about the teaching quality there, I have no solid evidence because I have not visited them. I talk majorly about my own institution which is also a major one.
We should start gradually diverting our energies from politicking and religion and focus more on educational development. Especially in the present times when the oil industry is failing and will continue to do so, only creativity and inventiveness will save us from a future of doom.
One or two bright kids might bring out revolutionary ideas that could create a spiralling positive effect nation and continent wide.
Education is the key, pay the teachers, increase their salaries. Retrain some teachers who might need to have their knowledge modernized, recruit more teachers, increase national education budget. Supervise the expenditure of all monies allocated to education.
Well I am just one person talking on the web, it is left for us to choose our destiny, we could test fate by waiting for the worse to happen or we can be proactive now and change while we still have the time.


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