The Problem of Scale

I woke up this morning with a thought of the true structure of our universe and I had this vision. Our universe is like an atom in a higher universe and all atoms we see In our universe could also be universes.
So I don't think we will ever be able to get a grasp at the true scale of the entire universal system. When I consider Cosmic inflation, how our universe is like an overblow balloon from some quantum states, I start thinking that probably the enormous scales we perceive when we look out might just be some kind of zooming of a single atom and there could be other atoms that are zoomed besides us.
If we look at a typical seed to tree situation, we see that the seed becomes the tree, bears fruit that contains the seed itself. I can't help but apply this analogy to our own universe itself. I think this universe arose from an atomic seed from an enclosing universe, and within this universe all the atoms we see are universes right now, in which the inhabitants can see a zoomed image like we see ours.
So the Nested nature of the universe is omnidirectional.


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