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Thoughts and Matter are all there is

Many spiritual traditions emphasize the evil of matter. They make their followers learn to be disgusted with their bodies, the world and everything. In my opinion, matter is not just the ‘illusion’ it is often portrayed to be but the central stage, the main reason why the spiritual world could exist if it does.
Although one can understand that life at the time most of these traditions were promulgated was very difficult and world hate was a natural means of escape, in the 21st century we do not need to hate the world. Not everything might be going well with the world at present but that does not in any way mean that the world is bad.

The world is much better today than it has ever been, life expectancies are increasing, human rights and rule of law is increasing around the world. This is the era of world love, love of the body and love of matter. Escapism into the spiritual world is no longer need.

A typical spiritual doctrine is filled with statements of how the higher world are much better than this one. In my opinion the only reason to strive for the higher world is not to escape from this one but to implement the higher worlds right on earth. Like most traditions would say bring heaven to earth.

What is the point of constantly yammering about how better the higher world is, why not see what is wrong with this world and fix it? The scientist working in the laboratory for a new cure for disease is striving to bring the perfection of the higher world to this world. The Engineer striving to build that bridge or building is doing more to aid this world than someone who spends the whole day praying and hoping that some external force should come in and fix things without applying any effort on their side.

The artist-designer trying to bring in more beauty to this world is also performing a very spiritual act.

I think many spiritual practitioners of the modern age vastly misunderstand what the word ‘spiritual’ was meant to explain in the first place. Anytime you hear that word the only thing that should come to your mind is your thoughts, for only thoughts are the things that are unseen. The perfection of the spiritual worlds and the tribulations of the negative worlds all begin and ends with the thoughts of man, and nothing else. When an inventor dreams of a new labor saving device to better the lives of his fellow humans, he is operating in the spiritual world of his thoughts, his main task is to bring that which he has conceived into this world, there is nothing else.

After spending many years reading massive volumes of spiritual text, I have come to understand that what these people call ‘spiritual’ is merely the thoughts of man and nothing else. If there is something else that is unseen beyond thoughts, then I do not have any evidence of it.

This world can be made into a paradise if we so choose to make it, it is not some toilet where everyone seeks to escape from as quick as possible.

So if we now fall in love with the physical universe, with matter, does that mean that we are cut off from the spiritual world? No I don’t think so, our work is not to return back to heaven, our thoughts is to create heaven right here on earth and other planets of our physical universe.

If there is a God, I think its primary mission for us would be to serve as co-creators, aiding in the continuous endless work of building more forms, structuring inert matter into beauty on our local planet and to the ends of the universe.

This is my spiritual doctrine.


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