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We are immersed in a virtual reality simulation called life

The purpose of our choosing to play the game on earth in the first place is because it offers us the best opportunity to learn the mental skills that will be needed for our survival in larger systems in the universe.

Just like a character in a game interacts with its environment to achieve an aim, we are interacting with the virtual reality simulation called life to achieve some goals. In my very first post of this blog, I included a pdf of a small booklet I wrote that summarily deals with the topic. Readers interested should open the link to the book The Universal Operating System.

Just like playing a computer game challenges several skills in the players and progress on these games depends on the player’s ability to improve these skills even though he is immersed in the enjoyment of the thrills of manipulating his character, that is the same way we are immersed into life, and the universe.

It is so sad that many of us are stuck on playing the level called earth, when there are infinite levels that can be played on many other star systems in the universe.

Just like endless challenges are available on varying levels of a computer game, so are there endless challenges in the universe. And if we finish the games in this universe, I think we can actually go out of the plasma shell that encases our universe and enter other universes to play endless varieties of games and levels.

The challenges of life are the challenges of playing the virtual reality game of life. That is as simple as it gets.

Meta level difficulties like being broke and needing more money, can lead us to developing certain skills if we face the problem head on and decide to solve it. For example, if you are broke you need to learn some skills that could help you make some money. Learning some skill will require acquiring micro-level capacities like greater focus, flexibility, intuition and perseverance. It is this micro level skills that are required of us living in this earthly VR simulation. The meta-level challenges are meant to hone some micro level skill which is the true requirement of life.

Living in a fearful society might lead one to develop courage, etc. There are so many skills to be learnt, here is a non-exhaustive list:

Focus, Memory, patience and perseverance, compassion, courage, love, pattern recognition, Strength, etc.

There are so many others I might not know about since I am also playing the game by being alive, but so far these are some that readily come to my mind.

So, whenever you are faced with an enormous challenge, just know that it’s a level in a game, and with sufficient perseverance you would eventually surpass it. And if you fail to do so in this life, you will be re-instantiated in another life to continue to overcome that challenge in another life.


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