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Remembering Depression

Sometimes we get spontaneous recollection of past events, most of the times these are happy events but sometimes they are things that we would rather forget.

Most of the times when these spontaneous past recollections come to us they take the form of some words, sounds or pictures from the past but most of the time it is just a feeling, completely disconnected from any pictures. 

In our day to day going-ons, certain things happen that are pleasurable to us and we smile and laugh and certain things happen that cause of grief sadness or sorrow. When we are involved in these emotions we are feeling from something that just happened, happy or sad, we can actually connect and point out the exact events that made us happy. And even after a while has passed we can still feel some joy and connect it to the exact state in the past that initiated that feeling in the first place.

What I want to say in this post is that there are times when we have recollections from the past without being able to pinpoint the exact cause of joy. I say that these states are actually no different from those which we can put a finger on a particular initiatory moment. And sometimes we can’t have a picture or a sound to represent the cause of the state. It is in this state that we are actually remembering a state from the past.

Rather than try to probe unsuccessfully for the origins of these states, we should enjoy them if they are happy states and we should use metal refocusing to replace them if they are sad ones.

So, when you find yourself depressed about what you don’t know a source of. Or just plain angry for no reason, you might be recollecting a past state that has been shoved deep within your consciousness.

Use a simple mind reprogramming method to fill this space with light. My favorite method is to use mental affirmations to affirm the opposite state of how I am currently feeling. Repeating it in intervals until somehow, magically I just start feeling great again.

We will always have these moments of recollections crawl up on us from time to time. It is the way our brain functions, it’s the reshuffling method the brain uses to reconfigure its networks. When a certain file is brought up to the forefront of your consciousness you will feel that past state again, if its pleasurable, dwell in it and amplify it. But if it’s a sad state the fill up with light and joy.


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