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T-MAIL (Telepathic Mail) A VSFS (A very short fiction story)

In the not too distant future a new civilization emerges out of the chaos of the current one. A new civilization that does not recognize boundaries of any sort, government and leadership is provided by corporations spread around the globe.

Old national boundaries are non-existent, only one language is spoken by the members of this new civilization, a language which has English language as its root and looks very much like modern English but in a highly abbreviated form and heavily monosyllabic. Uniqueness of words is very rare in this language because a single word could be used for several things depending on context. The form of writing in the year 2007 requires that groups of alphabets be spread linearly either from right to left or from left to right on a two dimensional plane, i.e. either on paper or screen, this form of writing is now obsolete because the kind of language written by people who lived beyond 2100 is more than just spreading alphabets linearly on a two dimensional plane.

Alphabets in this new language consist of forty nine 3 dimensional objects of different colors and sounds. Writing is not done by hand or typing, these two methods are now archaic. Thoughts are converted into these geometrical shapes and displayed in the writer’s holospace.

A holospace is a large holographic globe which surrounds every member of the society in this age. It is the computer of the age, if a computer is what you call this living entity. The holospace is connected to the brain of the owner and is powered by electricity from the wearer’s body. It is completely mobile and moves with the user like a huge multicolored cloud around the user.

The holospace serves purposes which the good-old personal computer served. It enables the user watch videos, send mails, read text and so on, but unlike its predecessors, it is directly connected to the brain and via that in touch with the whole body.

Thoughts are converted into these 3 dimensional objects and sent into the holospace where they are manipulated to create things, visualized or sent out as thought mail (T – Mail) to another person’s holospace where it is seen, stored, or discarded just like regular e – mail.

The holospace looks like a cloud of many floating screens made of light. Each individual screen serves a similar purpose like the screen of a tablet computer only that it exists only when it is needed and can be squeezed into invisibility when its purpose is accomplished. Just like a window in the graphical user interface used in computers in 2007. The screen exists individually in the holospace and has a solid feel when touched, but this solid feel is only an electrical illusion.

By wearing a special pair of glasses, you convert your holospace into a virtual reality environment where further entertainment and work can be done, but this is not used when people are mobile outdoors. It is used mostly in parks, offices, homes or anywhere the user can be relaxed.

Reading information by means of the eye is now a favorite pastime and only done for pleasure. Knowledge of all sorts is downloaded directly into the brain. T – Mails are sent directly from the brain of one person to another; they are received and downloaded into the brain if the source is approved of by the receiver.

Robots existed with humans in perfect harmony. They were two classes: the intellectual robots (Irobots) and the labor robots (Lrobots). Humans preoccupied themselves with visionary activities; they were basically workers in imagination or imagineers while the Irobots did the entire intellectual work necessary for materializing the visions and ideas, on the other hand, Lrobots did any manual work necessary for the concretion of intellectual concepts.

In these times, verbal communication was rare and most information or communication transpired silently by thoughts.

The two types of robots also looked different in physical form. Those of type I were completely like human beings except for the absence of emotions; they had skins and could not be differentiated from humans by mere visual observation. They lived solitary lives and worked perpetually on electricity generated from a beta cell inside their bodies.

They had individuality but were synchronized with their central intelligence. They were owned by the companies that made them but were rented out as intelligent assistants to both individuals and other companies. They could communicate using T-Mail but required no holospace. The labor robots on the other hand were created into forms convenient for the specific purpose they were to be employed in, for example in a typical construction site, you would have Lrobots shaped as both bulldozers, tractors and even the ones that had a form similar to humans. They had no individuality and were only capable of one way communication, from the server that hosted their central intelligence software.

They were mass impressed with tasks to be performed from their central intelligence unit and would execute whatever plan was received accordingly. They are not capable of self-thought and would execute what needed to be done with an appropriate exercise of necessary intelligence.

Architecture using glass or any other dense physical material was now the stuff of museums. The cities of these times were projected from large steel plates which were the foundations, they were a special kind of hologram whose density and opacity could be altered to create the illusion of solidity, transparency or opaqueness and could be presented in any shape color or size that was required. The generation of a city, as I would call this kind of construction was done in the following manner: first, the purpose of the city was decided, the number of inhabitants plus anticipated population growth was determined. A site is then chosen which is then leveled using labor robots; a large steel plate containing the foundations and streets is grown to fill the space. The entire city, in a mini – version, is designed in a holospace, which is not attached to a human being. The design is studied and modified like any 3D artist would do to her models.

The completed version is then grown on the site from the steel foundations in just minutes. Any damaged area or vegetation or any area needing modification is grown appropriately.

In this new world ruled by corporations which were spread around the globe and overlapped each other, 3 corporations are the most powerful, employed the largest number of people and were the 3 major world powers.

For a long time, the world was peaceful place. Selfishness and greed was a thing of history and the generations that lived were in harmony with each other. Fame or wealth commanded no envy because anything could be achieved by mere thinking of it so it could be gotten by anyone anytime.

Abundance flowed everywhere in this utopian society. There were no laws but conventions to be followed and even leadership was by mere convention and no man had the right or would even want to dominate the other.

The last pockets of planetary evil sought to reenter humanity through the leader of one the 3 most powerful corporations. The name of the company was Biojene and their leader was called Klaus.

Biojene was the world leader in bio-computing and the inventor of the holospace.

For him the freedom in the world was destined to deteriorate into chaos. He thought that if people lived without any form or forced order, the system would gradually over time decay into chaos. So, he sought to be the absolute leader of the whole world, dominating the other corporate colonies. The freedom and peace the world had known was to be seized forcefully like the totalitarian regimes of old.

Every war needs soldiers, but since no corporate colony had a standing army, as it was an ancient tradition to have one, he decided to use the hard workers, the Lrobots as his army.

Another obstacle stood right in front of him, the Irobots. The Irobots were owned and controlled by another corporation. The CIU or central intelligence unit for the Lrobots was owned and maintained by the major robotics company in the world (WR the abbreviation for “world robotics”).

Since designing and implementing thousands of robots would be time consuming, he decided to use the already existing Lrobots who were the closest he could get to soldiers.

Using robots controlled by WR would require that he takes control of the company so he tried to buy over WR. This attempt failed and then he devised another; being the leader in Bio – computing and inventor of the holospace, he crafted a virus would compromise the systems at WR and give him absolute control over the Lrobots.

His game plan was to get in control of the Lrobots, and then use them to destroy the Irobots. The helpless humans, without the intelligent assistance of the Irobots will then give up their freedom or be killed. After the surrender, he would then be the absolute ruler of the world.

The CEO of Biojene and his evil workers now constructed the computer virus and sent it to the T-Mail address of the CEO of WR. This virus was so advanced that it passed undetected through several layers of antimalware software. It went straight to the mind of WR CEO and forced him to transfer control of the CIU at WR to Biojene.

Since the Lrobots acted on plans impressed on them, the CEO of Biojene sent out a new program of directives that turned the Lrobots into soldiers that used their work tools as weapons, a shovel for a bulldozer a hammer for a nailer.

Lrobots started attacking Irobots around the world and destroying them. The humans and their intellectual counterparts began putting out their own plans to stop the invading Lrobots. The most important part of the world to be protected was the headquarters of CSOME; the company that manufactures the Irobots and home to their CIU.

Several attempts to hack the CIU at WR so as to take back control of the Lrobots were unsuccessful; the CEO was in a coma due to the mental disruptions caused by the virus hacking his brain.

Some tool manufacturers in support of the Irobots decided to make a coherent electromagnetic pulse gun (CEMP) to be used to immobilize the Lrobots.

The resistance against the Lrobots continued just outside the premises of CSOME. Some Irobots headed for WR to destroy the CIU for the Lrobots. They reached there and found out that the Lrobots had formed a very strong defense line to protect their CIU.

The Irobots used the CEMP guns to immobilize as much Lrobots as was possible while Lrobots attacked furiously with all sort of metal tools at their disposal. The loss on both sides was enormous but more Lrobots died, due to possessing lesser intelligence. The Irobots were able to immobilize much Lrobots to grant them some passage into the WR building.

As the Irobots reached the CIU room, they found out that there was an electromagnetic shield around the CIU unit. It was a shield of such power it would destroy any electrical devices that attempted to cross in.

After moments of contemplation, a female Irobot decided to sacrifice herself in order to deactivate the CIU of the Lrobots. So, she walked into the field and as she did, she was stripped of her human skin leaving only a metal skeleton. Miraculously she did not die but feel down very weak on the floor just a few meters to the CIU which was in the nature of a glass pyramid after she entered the perimeter, the shield was deactivated and the Irobots behind her started shooting cemps at the CIU until it exploded, just before it did; she was pulled away from the scene.

On observation, it was found that she still had some electrical pulses in her brain so she was picked up and returned to the factory.

The CEO of Biojene was captured and put in an electromagnetic prison vault to be locked for centuries.

The Irobot, Lara was in coma during which she regenerated her skin while still in the factory, but this was of a different color than what was normal, it was blue.

Weeks later she regained her consciousness, broke out her liquid treatment chamber tore through the walls of the factory and disappeared into the horizon.


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