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When we think about the word love, the first thing that comes to our mind is the love between a man and a woman. The attractive force that brings a man and a woman together and in our human society, the consummation of this kind of love is usually through physical union with the capacity to produce new life. But what is a broader definition of love without the usual connotation in our minds? This is what I seek to answer in this writing.

There are only two primal forces in the universe, the forces of integration and the forces of disintegration. All other complexities are produced form various combinations of proportions of either or both of these forces. Other names for this would be gravity, the force that brings and holds bodies together and radiation, the force that separates entities from their composites.
We can also view both forces as Left for disintegration, Right for integration. And so on and so forth. There is a third ghostly force that exists but it is not a primal force because it doesn’t exist on it’s as a principle but rather is a combination of both the force of disintegration and integration. For the rest of this writing I will use the word gravity and radiation to symbolize the forces of integration and disintegration or togetherness and separation respectively, because they are my favorite words when trying to describe these concepts.
The third ghostly force is not a principle of itself but a harmony of both the forces of gravity and radiation. That third or central force is the only form that the totally abstract and pure ideas of gravity and radiation can enter into physical existence as a creation!
Absolute love or gravity is a totally abstract idea and cannot enter into physical creation or representation, and so is absolute hate or total negation. Only things that are made up of both the left and the right of both pure gravity and pure radiation mixed in harmonic proportion can enter into physical existence as matter or form. Everything you can see with your eyes is a mix of integrative and disintegrative forces or the dynamic balance of both gravity and radiation. Creation is the dynamic balance between the pairs of the opposite of absolute love or gravity and absolute negativity or radiation. Life is what lay in the balance between the perfect principles of total love and total destruction.
So simply stated love is gravity! Destruction or hate is radiation. Life in the universe is a constant balance between the forces of togetherness and the forces of separation.
Can absolute and pure love be expressed in the physical world? Absolute love cannot be attained in the physical world, it is an infinity, and can only be approached towards the limits. This means that although we can never realize absolute perfect love in the physical world of aberration, we can constantly strive for it, endlessly because as we get closer to it, it seems to shift away, like mathematicians will say we can only approach towards the limits but never arrive at totality.
Does this mean we should give up the journey of increasing our capacity to love and accept love? Actually what is the journey of increasing our capacity to increase love? This means that life is a journey where the consciousness of the evolving entity must increase its capacity to love and accept love, or see the unity underlying disparate wholes, this in essence summarizes the entire purpose of existence.
Consciousness is the ability to differentiate between different stimuli reaching the sensors of a sentient being. The ability to sense the gradations of heat and cold, light and dark, sweet and bitter, rough and smooth, etc., is the primal capacity of consciousness. The purpose of the evolution of consciousness in the various physically sentient bodies from atoms, to amoebas and eventually humans and higher constituents like the entire human societies is to recognize the underlying unity, or the love behind the separations created by the existence of the very consciousness that enables entities to survive their environments.
So the answer to my question of if we should give up our journey is NO. We have to learn to forget absolutes and deal with approximations to increasing accuracies of the absolute. Life must be seen as a journey without end. Rather than looking for the perfect ending we should enjoy the trip with all the scenery.
While radiation is locally powerful, disintegrative and limited in its speed of propagation, Gravity is totally powerful, all embracing, integrative in its action, and I don’t think that gravity is limited in its speed of propagation the same way radiation is. Gravity holds the entire universe together in tension, just like a tensed string, although the LIGO experiment has demonstrated the existence of gravitational waves, which propagate just like radiation, with a limited propagation speed, phenomena like quantum entanglement might have something to do with the Omni embracive tensive nature of gravity, that is the reason for that “spooky action at a distance”.
With all the local destruction going on, one might feel that entropy, disorder or disintegration will eventually win, or that the universe is gradually running down in total chaos, but that is only because we are blind to the total vision of everything. Eventually Syntropy, the opposite of entropy and disorder will eventually win. Life will win, gravity and integration will overwhelm the forces of destruction. This has been predesigned into the nature of the universe. The first branching from absolute nothing to something, was towards the right, before the left, and before the center which is the balance of the opposing forces of left and right, Life itself. Life is fed from integration; disintegration only exist to destroy that which is not useful so that it can be reintegrated into the whole again. The Whole is more than the sum of the parts, Synergy is stronger than Energy. For every star that explodes planets are born and thus Life.


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