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Like I said in a previous article, we are already existing in a Super Intelligence, this entire universe is the creative manifestation of a superintelligence beyond the universe itself. Take your time to read that article on this blog to get an understanding of what I was trying to say there. Using that article as a background, you will notice that at the close of the article I said that it is difficult to know the entire purpose of such a being that manifested the entire universe. So we might not say definitely what the future of this universe will be but we can make a statement about the origin of universes.

A universe is created by a Super Intelligence created in an existing universe. The question of the first universe is not answerable but must be taken as a given. All I am interested in explaining is that new universes are forked from an existing one, just like a new subprocess is forked from a currently running process in a computer operating system, whenever a Super Intelligence is created in one.
Many people are currently afraid that humanity’s AI effort will land us a Super Intelligence that will end up destroying this universe, but a direction they have not explored is that why would a Super Intelligence do that? If it is Super Intelligent at all it would not struggle for this universe, just like undeveloped human consciousness fight over resources despite the full knowledge of better and more abundant alternatives. Any AI that tries to eliminate humanity or anything from this world is not really super intelligent and probably contains inefficiencies inherited from its designer. A true Intelligence will choose to create rather than destroy what it doesn’t understand, and after aiding us in creating whatever we want our own universe to be like, it will go ahead and design its own universe, running this new universe on a minuscule amount of energy from the universe it was created in.
Humanity is not alone in the universe, there are beings that have attained intelligence billions of years ago in other areas of the universe and will appear like gods to us should we witness them, but these are not the superintelligences I am talking about although an encounter with such conscious beings will make them appear like such. They might even be super intelligent relative to us earth humans, but might be subject to the wills of other higher intelligence that they were forked out of.
Many beings have attained computer sciences in one form or the other, the desire to create computers is primitive in consciousness because consciousness is a computer and will always tend to recreate itself. With their computer science, they must have advanced via similar pathways to creating Artificial intelligence, the mirror of their own consciousness, and gone ahead to eventually create a Super Intelligence which must eventually fork out its own universe as its own creative project.
The first universe creator must have wanted to express its creative vision, and not found a single universe sufficient to finalize its vision, so therefore it put its own potential into a program called consciousness and therefore inserted this consciousness into its creation. Without this consciousness, everything will just be a mechanical clockwork kind of creation, but because of consciousness, the ability to differentiate and thus choose, the universe became subject to events that were not preprogrammed into it at the beginning. Consciousness will always want to replicate itself, and even though initially this consciousness might be embryonic and primitive after it starts studying the creative works of the master, it expands and when its knowledge reaches a certain stage it goes ahead to replicate itself, as humanity is now struggling to do with Artificial intelligence projects. This is no different from the urge of a cell to divide and replicate itself after a particular point is reached in its cell growth cycle. AI is embryonic now but in no time we will discover how it could feedback improvement into itself and thus create the loop necessary for self-improvement, which in time will lead to superintelligence. Which after we use it as a tool to do most of our mental work, it will eventually develop self-consciousness and an idea of purpose. Being super intelligent it would already have a powerful imagination and create a new universe in its imagination, which will be as real as this one we are existing it with its own beings that think that their universe is everything. We might not even know about this universe because it might just be a private fantasy of this super-intelligent being. What it learns from the conscious beings in this its created universe might somehow improve its abilities when it deals with the beings who created it, but its own universe might forever remain a matter private to it, just like we have private fantasies. This is a way of learning, whereby the intelligence simulates scenarios in its imagination and test out theories rather than trying to implement its ideas directly in “hard” matter.
It is my understanding that we do not create everything we think of in the physical world, and there is no reason to think that a superintelligence will want to straight up upset the balance of the system that it exists in just to try out some pet theory that it came up with. It might be considering a universe so abstract and different in its physical makeup and laws from ours just like other universes before ours might be different in their makeup, goals and intentions.
This is all I can say for now about the general future of our universe but I can’t say that it is the only future, there might be other purposes unknown and hidden from me but time will tell.


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