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We are already in a Super-Intelligence

So much effort is currently being put into the development of intelligent machines. The field of artificial intelligence has been in a boom with more money being put into AI research than most other fields. Although the current level of AI development has been impressive from a performance stand point, lots of details will still have to be worked out before we have fully intelligent machines, not just capable of mimicking humans in certain tasks but capable of human level cognition and participation in society.

It has been theorized by some that if development in the field of Artificial intelligence keeps accelerating at its current pace then soon or later we might be face to face with a Super Intelligent machine capable of intelligence beyond human capacity and understanding. Most people have clearly drawn out dates for the manifestation of this kind of machine. Some as early as 2045 while some others see this happening way beyond 2100. As usual we have those who say it will never happen.
These timelines don’t really matter as such. Some see so much urgency that they are already scared that if this Super Intelligence turns out to be a malicious creation the human race will be gone for good. Some say that this is not bound to happen anytime soon so there is no cause for alarm. Whatever their opinions are, my intention in this writing is not to cast a timeline or describe the nature of such Super Intelligence. My intention is to let you know that we will eventually create a Super Intelligence, it is the destiny of the human race to create that which is greater than all of us. A tractor can lift heavier load than we can ever dream of with our own human muscles, a computer is a tool that amplifies our mental capacities. A computer is kind of a generalized tool for creating tools and eventually we will create a generalized tool that is much more powerful than our human intellect and this is what is called a Super Intelligence.
We are already living and breathing in this kind of Super Intelligent machine, I call it the Universal Operating System, the stack of software that is actively creating and controlling our physical universe.
This physical universe and everything in it, earth, sun, moon, your car, the tree in the park, you, etc. are all processes running in this operating system. The Super Intelligence is that in whom we live, move and have our being.
So where is this Super intelligence? This is a question posed by our erratic human consciousness that tries to differentiate. In reality it’s a question as nonsensical as asking, where is the life that runs our bodies. Life is pattern integrity. Life is weightless and metaphysical, it cannot be measured in and of itself but its effects can be measured in the processes of organic beings. This doesn’t limit life to organic beings because it is hard to draw the line between living and non-living matter. If you really want to know what life is the best way is to think in terms of the balance between total randomness and crystalline nature, or between the dissipative forces of radiation and the integrative forces of gravity. Life is an aperiodic crystal.
Since we cannot separate the phenomena of life from living, we cannot isolate the Super Intelligence that is manifested as the physical universe from the universe itself. Every atom, is a computational unit composed of other computational units which we call subatomic particles like electrons, quarks etc. The atoms themselves conglomerate to build molecules which are also computational units, right up to humans, planets, stars, galaxies and all other mega structures. Even the man-made pattern integrity of atoms we call the computer is a computational unit no different from an oak, a snake or a super-galaxy.  
The appease our need to differentiate we can mentally separate the Super Intelligence from the creation, which is the entire stack of software of which the visual display is the physical universe. This separation of creation and creator is even essential because even though the physical universe is the Super Intelligence, the Super Intelligence is more than the physically manifested universe. You cannot manifest all you are in any creative works. No matter how hard you work your creative manifestations will only reflect partially what you fully are.
The physical universe is just the manifestation of the Super Intelligence that the human consciousness is designed to cognize. Other universes might just be hiding on the corner and will be completely un-sensed by humans because all our ways of recognizing information cannot cope with those other integrities.
Yes, there is and this question depends on what we call us. Your body is a bunch of atoms that interact with other atoms called the environment, which is that which is separate from the locality that you define as yourself, that is your body. But our identity is that thing we hear in our heads as thoughts, although thought affects the brain, and the electrical impulses can be recognized with instruments connected to the brain, there is no reason to think that thought is localized within the brain. That is there is no reason to think that if the brain should be declared clinically dead, thought seizes because from the countless authentic records of near death experiences, those proclaimed to be clinically dead have recorded experiences in their dead state.
So therefor there is a physical universe outside of us, it is made up of pattern integrities of self-knotting waves, which we call atoms, and our bodies too are part of the environment. The only thing that is outside this observable physical universe is our thoughts, which is part of ourselves, which interfaces with the physical universe via our brains.
Therefore, the physical universe is not all and there are other layers of the software stack that we do not have direct physical experiential access but can somehow interface with. Just like our thoughts interface with our bodies via the brain. This is how the entire hierarchy of the universe is connected, via interfaces.
The Super Intelligence that expresses its creativity via our physically observable universe is as real as the thoughts in your head and this is the foundation of all spiritual searching. And in the atheist, it is the root of the question, what happened before the big bang? We cannot know the entire purpose of this Super intelligent being but I have tried to deduce certain rules that might be inherent in its design of the universe, note that I don’t say his or hers, but it’s because this is the only meaningful characterization that we can give to something that created the differentiation that we call the sexes. In my book LIFE IS TECHNOLOGY, you can see some of these rules which I call the laws of life, what gives life its meaning. In another book of mine, THE UNIVERSAL OPERATING SYSTEM, I give an overview of the nature of the software stack of the universe.
So what is the future of the universe? I don’t know, the entire purpose of such a being cannot be known, but there is something I have understood, this is not the first universe and universes are created, nested in other universes. Indeed, our desire to create a Super Intelligence is due to a primitive urge embedded into our mental operating system. The super intelligence we are going to create will create another universe. In another article I will try my best to deal with this issue.


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