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The Dimensions of Writing

I have come up with an understanding of 2 major dimensions of writing. To understand what I mean by dimensions please read below.

The first dimension of any written work is the Lenght, and the Second is the Depth. I have long contemplated how to write a masterpiece and this is what I have come to understand.

First of all, you must choose what you want to write on, for me, this is usually a topic that I find others dealing with in an unsatisfying way. I usually have long conversations in my head about the topic, where I criticise ideas in the field and come up with my own explanations.

After the phase of brooding, I decide to put pen to paper or as done in modern times fingers to keyboard and I start writing. sometimes I start out with a topic outline, which guides me and makes my work easier, sometimes I just start writing and the topic outline comes in during the process.

I write in as much detail as suites me, I keep telling myself to not be hard on myself. I tell myself: there is a lot of crap out there, you just do your own part. I also tell myself: I am expressing myself and my own opinions in my writing, I write for no one in specific.

Another favourite statement I tell myself is, I write for my own gratification, I am contributing my own quota to world knowledge and understanding. I do not write for the sole purpose of popularity but to share my own little opinion about the topic of interest.

The length of my work is determined by how much detail I am willing to go to in explaining my topic. I just write to the degree of detail that I am comfortable with. This automatically determines the length of my work. This is the first dimension of writing.

The second dimension of writing is depth and I have discovered a very powerful way to increase depth. Simply rereading your work will not only help you correct errors but also discuss things in greater depth or remove stuff that you don't want again.

They say perfection is when you reach a point that there is nothing to add again or subtract from your work, and although I usually don't aim for perfection in the absolute I write till I love what I have written down. This process of going over a work repeated in multiple passes adds depth to your work which is the second dimension.

There is a limit to how much depth we can bring out on our first iteration of writing and if you want to write a solid masterpiece you must go over your work again and again, most preferably at different times.


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