Free will

Consciousness is the only free thing in this observable universe of ours and while the earthly implementation in human bodies is only a shallow reflection of the full power of consciousness, it is not constrained by this limitation of poorly developed human bodies.

Many people look at consciousness from a limited standpoint of the earthly human being, and while there are those advanced members of humanity who are running the consciousness algorithm in its full flower, the majority seem to be automatons and from a cursory examination seem to possess no free will at all.

While the base mineral, vegetative and animal life seems to flow freely with the algorithm of universal life, the human rebels.

At its early stage of development, the human rebels against the symphony orchestrated by the algorithm of life, it thinks in rebelling and deviating from the norm it is executing freedom but is only doing that which is predicted for young undeveloped consciousness.

As the human matures it learns the art of alignment and gradually aligns itself to the universal flow. At first this might seem like giving up the freedoms of rebellion but in the end, the human realizes that the universal algorithm has greater more pleasurable goals that the individual human consciousness algorithm running in a biological body can ever hope to conceive.


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