Virtual Reality is the next platform

It's been a while now since we started trying to develop Virtual Reality systems but so far we have not witnessed the explosion of use that inspired the development of such systems. Although there are always going to be some diehard fans of Virtual Reality who will stick to improving the medium and trying out stuff with the hopes of building a killer app, for the rest of us Virtual Reality still seems like a medium that promises to arrive soon but never really hits the spot.

There are no delays

While human consciousness running in a physical body expects the whole universe to conform to its individual will, ignoring the fact that the universe must balance everything, the universe is rather executing its own algorithm and expecting that human consciousness should align with it.

A human senses delay whenever things don't go according to its shallow plan. We have to realize that whatever plans we are conceiving we are doing so with very limited information because we cannot conceive the integrity of the whole when focusing locally.

Whenever we encounter scenarios that we perceive as delay, it is not the fault of the external universal algorithm but rather from errors of our own individual perceptions.

While we go around with the consciousness that we are executing our free will we must also realize that adjustments and alignments are being made by the universal algorithm to not only balance the flow of life but make sure that it continues towards its goals.

In most cases, a thought will be injected into our consciousness to tell us to ignore most apparent delays which are errors due to our own conscious perceptions, but some other times we are not receptive to this information and go ahead to worry when scenarios seem to be out of alignment with our goals.

There are no real delays, everything is a perfect symphony. We either adjust to the flow of the orchestra or we feel pain for going against the will of the universal.


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