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The illusion of solidity

We experience the physical world solidly. We touch a wall, we hold a cup and we feel the wetness of water but in reality, we are experiencing nothing because even the atoms upon which the physical world is based on is 99% space.

How can we have a physical experience when in reality there is no physicality. We have thoughts running on our biological brain, but the atoms that make up the brain is 99% space so we are not really thinking because in reality there is no brain.

This universe we observe, feel and touch is nothing but a magic freak show but who is the spectator? Why do we choose to have a physical experience? To create the illusion of something out of nothing?

It brings my mind to some kind of display, either a computer or a TV. Actually, these are all computers these days. When we are watching NatGeo or some other channel on our TVs or computers or playing some 3d game we are experiencing a reality that was created out of nothing.

If you are watching NatGeo on some high-end TV like an 8k TV, you are seeing animals run around and hunt, drink from pools and do all kinds of things. If the screen is large enough and the video shoot was done in a certain manner, you will not notice any difference from actual reality. It will feel like you are peering through a window, looking upon some safari or whatever scene it is.

But there are no animals inside this TV. The visual stimulus you are receiving is all simulated by the TV, and if the resolution is high enough it will be hard to distinguish the screen from actual reality.

In my opinion, this is how reality is simulated to our senses. We might argue that reality is solid because you can touch it but that could also be a simulation presented to your sense of touch. You can say that you see things interacting with other things and having their states altered! But you could also see such interactions on a TV screen.

I even propose that reality is so sophisticated that our bodies and our environments are simulated for the purpose of some non-physical observer to participate in a physical world. You could say that when you lay down on an MRI table and have them take a picture of your brain, you see the patterns change according to your thoughts, but I can say to you that you are viewing the picture of your brain as a visual stimulus and that any other fabrication of reality is no different from the MRI image of your brain thinking.

This universe must have been fabricated by some very clever entities because it is so believable. We do science and send rockets to space, picture black holes and do all sort of stuff within the live movie that these beings have created.

This brings us to the question of the origins of consciousness. All our physics exist within a closed box but there could be something outside the box. Although the enormous scale of our universe might make us think that it is without limit, from our own point of view, it doesn't mean that it really extends to infinity. The scale and size might be a clever trick played on our observation methods by some clever group of programmers that coded up the universe in the first place. Who pre-anticipated that we would one day build observation devices that were extensions of our senses to picture the universe at larger scales.

In principle, you could access the outside of the universe from any point in the universe by going to the lower scales of nature and that is what I think particle accelerators are going to eventually help us achieve.

The continuous nature of the universe might be actually discrete at some level deep down the scales, but some fundamental trickery might prevent us from actually reaching the descrete bits that create this fantastic phantasmagoria called our universe.


  1. Wow! You could be right. This whole physical world (reality) could actually be (someone's) dream. Also, how do we know we are not ourselves in the middle of a dream?
    When you are actually in a dream (dream during sleeping), you experience it as real. E.g. you stub your toe in a dream you shriek '...eeeee' and you feel the pain to be real. You don't say , ' There's no pain, my toe is really not stubbed, it's just a dream'.

    According to the Advaita (non-dual) philosophy, the physical world is just a manifestation of the brahman. Brahman is that ultimate, non-local, formless, without a begining, without an ending, infinite, untouchable, unmanifest, unlimited, timeless, still (unmoving), awareness. But the question is 'why does the brahman need to manifest? Why is there a manifested physical reality?

    There are no answers. But who is asking the queston? Who am I? If I am not my body (obviously), and if I am not my mind (yes, it seems so), then who am I?

  2. You are pure invisible energy. That is what the soul is. It is the energy of life itself. It is love and love is the highest vibration of energy...


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