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What concept of time would AI posses

As human beings, we have some kind of time sense governing our actions. We know that we have a limited time on earth and we also have clocks and calendars governing our actions. We don't just free flow through infinite space-time, we have another kind of pseudo measure in our minds that govern how we plan our lives and execute our task.

Our sense of time determines how we will execute every task, how we will allocate resources and prioritize. We are not robots zooming unconsciously through some kind of automated scheduling algorithm.

Sometimes the quality of our performance on certain tasks depends on how important those tasks are for us. If time is not a constraint we perform the task with utmost care to details. But when we don't have much time we might perform some task shabbily and all these are also governed by how we feel at the moment, what we are going through in our lives at that moment, our diet, and a whole bunch of other variables that can affect our performance on any task.

So I wonder what are going to be the constraints on an AGI system that is existing autonomously in the world carrying out its independent goals. If there is ever going to be such a system who will determine it's sense of time? will it evolve a sense of priority like it evolved intelligence? Will there be some internal calender it obeys or will it use our own calendar even if it is arbitrary and means nothing to it.

Some people might say that the only concept of time necessary for an AI is the time taken to complete a task on its processors and how it allocates resources will be based on some sophisticated scheduling algorithm no different from the type used in a modern operating system.

But I think that if we are to have AI (AGIs) in the world participating in human experience then they should have some kind of internal calendar that gives meaning and priority to their lives.


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