Virtual Reality is the next platform

It's been a while now since we started trying to develop Virtual Reality systems but so far we have not witnessed the explosion of use that inspired the development of such systems. Although there are always going to be some diehard fans of Virtual Reality who will stick to improving the medium and trying out stuff with the hopes of building a killer app, for the rest of us Virtual Reality still seems like a medium that promises to arrive soon but never really hits the spot.

Stephen Wolfram gives us a peek into the future: A world run with Code!

Stephen Wolfram on a world run with code

Computational languages vs. Programming Languages. Ubiquitous computational intelligence, The force of computation, computational contracts, and more. With a lifetime spent building one of the largest computational structures of our civilization, Wolfram Mathematica, Stephen Wolfram is highly qualified to give us hints as to where our technological civilization is taking us. See more by following the link:


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