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All crypto needs right now is regulation

 Crypto assets have been a source of great confusion in the investment world. I have been a crypto sceptic myself because I tended to view crypto as a baseless, Ponzi like scheme. And like all crypto sceptics, I have been waiting eagerly for the much-awaited crypto crash.

But recently I have had a complete change of mind about crypto. I realized that I was too stuck up on viewing crypto in the light of traditional investment instruments. Yes, there is a lot of scamming going on, but the very idea of a future of crypto as money is very interesting.

Before we judge crypto too harshly we should remember that there are far more complicated, tricky, scammy looking/sounding investments on Wall Street than crypto. Imagine all the kinds of funny-sounding securities that have been invented on Wall Street like CDOs (Collateralized Debt Obligations), Credit Default Swaps, etc.

I mean let’s be fair we know what happened in 2008 when the non-Ponzi Wall Street bankers almost collapsed the global economy completely due to the rampant invention of tricky and highly leveraged financial instruments.

Many will argue that Crypto pays no dividends so it’s not an investment, well I say that many stocks do not pay dividends and they are still sold and bought. People buy these stocks because they hope they can sell them at a higher price to the next “sucker”. I mean even if this is not what is consciously in the minds of most “investors”, this is what is subconsciously driving the desire to invest in many kinds of securities, does $TSLA ring a bell?

What about currency trading? You don't get dividends from currency trading. Your only hope is that you buy cheap and sell dear. The currency market looks so much like crypto markets especially when you look at cross-currency trading.

So what crypto really needs is regulation and more efficient ways of doing proof of work. But my focus on this post is on regulation. Crypto trading needs to be regulated in a similar way to currency trading because even if crypto doesn't qualify as legal tender, it is still some kind of currency-looking asset and needs to be regulated so that investors are protected.

I don’t think I have the guts to open a Coinbase account because sincerely I still don’t understand the Crypto landscape, and just buying BTC directly is not something I am willing to do now. The most disturbing thing about some crypto is the high fees like ETH gas fees and etc.

I am still looking at the whole landscape with huge sceptic glasses until the SEC steps in to properly regulate it. I can’t imagine myself owning something called DOGE or SAFEMOON, or SUSHISWAP run by some crypto bro and subject my capital to such risk.

That is why I am going for something I think is safer and transfers most of the risk of direct crypto trading to someone else. I am going for TITAN an automated investment platform like Betterment or Wealthfront.

In my opinion, this is the safest way to test the crypto waters for people who are sceptical like me but would want to gradually dip their feet into this world and maybe just observe the price movements using money that you really don’t need and would like to try out a gamble.

Also, Titan’s fees are fair at just 5 bucks a month for small accounts so this kind of polled investment saves you the enormous fees you could rack up trading crypto directly.

Also because Titan is a reputable online investment platform, you could allow the experts to manage your crypto while also simplifying taxes. It’s hard calculating taxes when you are trading crypto on your own in the wild, but if you are on a platform like Titan then you could file taxes easier because you are investing in crypto assets as you would invest in their other investment portfolios like the Titan Flagship which has great returns and tracks the S&P 500.

Also investing in a company like Titan will allow you to sleep well at night without worrying about the next rug pull on the next shitcoin.


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