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Thoughts and Matter are all there is

Many spiritual traditions emphasize the evil of matter. They make their followers learn to be disgusted with their bodies, the world and everything. In my opinion, matter is not just the ‘illusion’ it is often portrayed to be but the central stage, the main reason why the spiritual world could exist if it does.

The Laws of Life

Everything you see, smell, touch, hear or taste in the physical world including you the observer, are part of the output of a computation executing on some computer. Our universe is the 3d output from some computational process executing at other levels of abstraction.

The Problem of Scale

I woke up this morning with a thought of the true structure of our universe and I had this vision. Our universe is like an atom in a higher universe and all atoms we see In our universe could also be universes. So I don't think we will ever be able to get a grasp at the true scale of the entire universal system. When I consider Cosmic inflation, how our universe is like an overblow balloon from some quantum states, I start thinking that probably the enormous scales we perceive when we look out might just be some kind of zooming of a single atom and there could be other atoms that are zoomed besides us. If we look at a typical seed to tree situation, we see that the seed becomes the tree, bears fruit that contains the seed itself. I can't help but apply this analogy to our own universe itself. I think this universe arose from an atomic seed from an enclosing universe, and within this universe all the atoms we see are universes right now, in which the inhabitants can see a zoom

We are immersed in a virtual reality simulation called life

The purpose of our choosing to play the game on earth in the first place is because it offers us the best opportunity to learn the mental skills that will be needed for our survival in larger systems in the universe.

My Hightech Hypothesis of Reincarnation

The basic premise behind my belief that reincarnation is possible is that life and the entire universe is a simulation. A simulation that could be running on some computer system of unimaginable sophistication but no different from the basic nature of our computers, because it is also a universal computer.

How to PHOTO READ and become an expert in the shortest amount of time

Ever since elementary school we were forced to read one word at a time, this behaviour has seriously affected our reading speed to such an extent that many people cannot read faster than 2000 words per minute. Attempts to read faster than this limit results in lesser comprehension. Add that to subvocalization, of saying the words out as you read and the reading speed gets even lower.

We will ingest computers and run code in our brain

Today I decided to take a look into the future of computing and found some very interesting ideas. With the ongoing miniaturization of computers, there is no doubt that we will soon be able to build atomic scale devices, devices where a single component is just the size of an atom. When we are able to engineer at this scales, we will then be able to make very powerful computers no larger than a typical biological cell like the human cell.

The Atom is a computer

Indeed the atom is made up of other sub-computers, the quarks, the gluons and even the strings that are at the lowest level of reality are all computers. Just like in a distributed computer system, you use many computers, connected together to perform certain tasks, you connect atoms together to form molecules which are also computers.

We cannot see Aliens because earth is in Quarantine.

Come to think of it, if you were an advanced civilization living on a planet that has had evolved life for a billion years and you develop interstellar travel and coast around your galaxy and you notice a trend, from your own history and from the history of many of the planets in your galaxy. When a civilization rises from primitivity, develops the intellect, which means a more developed ego and a natural tendency towards acquisitiveness.

Make people prosperous and population will grind to a halt

Many people are worried about the rising global population and are desperate for a solution to it. Although I am of a different mentality and believe that we can support a larger population if we have the proper technology and tolerance of other people, I will proffer a simple solution to all those who consider this a problem.

The whole Earth could be someone's personal computer

In a previous post, I talked about how someone could be running a neural network on our brains during idle mode. In this post I take that idea further by declaring that the whole earth could be someone's computer. After I declared that our brains and indeed all brains could be someone neural network computer, it struck me that what about the external environment we perceive, this includes the vegetation, the rocks our bodies, which include our brains, the sea, the sky the cloud and indeed everything we could perceive.

Could our brains be someone else Neural Network

The only difference between the brain of a Nobel Laureate and mine is that he has used much of his brain capacity than me. This got me wondering why have all that extra capacity without being able to use much of it for life and the Idea struck me that our brains are probably being used to run some program by a being or something beyond our absractional level.

Stress is stealing your Intelligence

There is no doubt that stress is not good for you. Stress is a major contributor to many disease states and if left unchecked can damage the body and mind beyond repair. There are many sources of stress in modern life, from our jobs, families and the general environment. In this post I just want to highlight how stress could be eating your intelligence and various ways to reduce its impact in your life.

How Twitter can overcome stagnated growth

I have been using Twitter for a while now and I have come to note some things that I dislike about the network. While I find it a matter of discipline to overcome the urge to visit Facebook, I find it extremely difficult to visit Twitter or even spend some time on the network. I like Twitter, the technology behind the system is beautiful, and it is because of my love for the network that I am taking the time to talk about it and offer solutions to how Twitter can improve its network. 

The Power of a Nation resides in its #Teachers

If a country wants to improve its stature in the world it must take care of its Teachers. Teachers hold the entire nation in their hands because they are in charge of educating the future generations at all levels. Ignoring teachers or underpaying them is a clear and surefire way to destroy the future of a country.

Is Google's PIXEL phone the end of Apple's iPhone?

After dabbling with Motorola and later the experimental Nexus phones Google is finally getting really serious with its planned flagship phone, the Pixel. This comes as no surprise as the Android operating system is now widespread and older powerhouses like Samsung and HTC have made a permanent commitment to the platform with no end in sight. Google hesitated to compete directly with the earlier adopters of the Android operating system because it was trying to beat the Apple flagship iOS which was eating up the world as the decline of Nokia gave way to a new player in the market.

Every coder should experience ASSEMBLER

In this modern world of fantastically beautiful user interfaces and Object oriented programming, a coder might think that knowing assembler is not as important. While you may never need to design system software or embedded systems throughout your programming career some knowledge of assembler is important.


Sometimes the scale of the work we have to do overwhelms us and we find it very difficult to take the much needed little steps that will eventually lead us to our goals. Many people choose to hack their goals to pieces by cutting it small and discarding the rest, and when they attain this tiny dream there is usually a sense of regret that they could have done better, have pushed themselves a little beyond their limits and thus would have ended with a greater sense of fulfillment. This is why I say THINK BIG AND FOCUS SMALL. You don't have to give up your enormous dreams, you may just need to give them a little more time.

Elon Musk's Mars Plans

After watching some classic footage about our journey to space which was concluded by a moon landing, I kept wondering, if I could remember accurately, we first started with getting men to space, then to orbit, to orbit for longer periods of time and finally to the moon. When It comes to Mars, why I am not hearing about plans to first of all send a mammal like the monkey that was first sent to space? Why are we thinking of directly sending humans first?

Happy Independence Day to Nigeria

Although like every other developing nation Nigeria is beset with challenges I believe that the people possess the will to overcome and will eventually succeed. The Nigerian people are a very hardy folk and will find a way out of any difficulty that beset them, this includes the current recession the country is facing. We will look deep within ourselves and our nation and find the wisdom and intelligence to scale through.

Real Men by Ejino Wonderful new song from a talented African.

Although I'm a fan of Classical and Rock music, I might just be adding another genre to my repertoire with this new song from a talented African artist. The coolness and deepness of the bass rhythms is calming and extremely gentle on the ears. The lyrics flow effortless with strength and clarity. Listen and tell me what you feel in the comment. For me this is a really cool track to listen to while driving through any urban area or metropolis around the world. Get the song here  Real Men by Ejino