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Its not just about learning how to code

These days there is a proliferation of books and courses with the goal of teaching people how to code. These courses usually promise the student that at the end of their study they will have sufficient knowledge of computer programming to be able to create powerful software applications. At the end of the course the student is made to create some toy program that does some simple task and with this achievement, the student is overwhelmed with success at their endeavour. Sooner or later when faced with some real-world problem or code the student is usually clueless and many doubt if they really learnt anything from this coding camps.


ART is the expression of inspiration. Art can be contemplated mentally but at this stage, it is still an inspiration. For it to become art it has to be expressed using our body out on some kind of medium. Art may elicit a sense of beauty in both the creator and the observer but this is not necessary as art might not elicit any sense of beauty and just be a raw medium for the expression of inspiration. All art must carry some kind of interpretation, even though it elicits no sense of beauty.


Like I said in a previous article, we are already existing in a Super Intelligence, this entire universe is the creative manifestation of a superintelligence beyond the universe itself. Take your time to read that article on this blog to get an understanding of what I was trying to say there. Using that article as a background, you will notice that at the close of the article I said that it is difficult to know the entire purpose of such a being that manifested the entire universe. So we might not say definitely what the future of this universe will be but we can make a statement about the origin of universes.


One might be wondering what the purpose of humanity is, or if it has any purpose. Are we just breeding amoebas meant to survive desolately on a rock flung out in space until we are one day roasted by the expanding sun or destroyed by an asteroid or destroyed by ourselves.

We are already in a Super-Intelligence

So much effort is currently being put into the development of intelligent machines. The field of artificial intelligence has been in a boom with more money being put into AI research than most other fields. Although the current level of AI development has been impressive from a performance stand point, lots of details will still have to be worked out before we have fully intelligent machines, not just capable of mimicking humans in certain tasks but capable of human level cognition and participation in society.


When we think about the word love, the first thing that comes to our mind is the love between a man and a woman. The attractive force that brings a man and a woman together and in our human society, the consummation of this kind of love is usually through physical union with the capacity to produce new life. But what is a broader definition of love without the usual connotation in our minds? This is what I seek to answer in this writing.

Thought is more important

The ancient talked about illusory nature of matter and I'm afraid that modern man has misinterpreted the word illusion to mean pointless. But the true meaning as was intended was to emphasize the constantly changing nature of things, that's why they said the physical world or the phenomenal world was an illusion.

Life is Technology

The universe is a software system with hard and fast rules, just like we have the laws of gravity there are the laws of life which if followed will lead us to the greatest fulfillment possible, after contemplating these laws and doing a lot of study in all kinds of esoteric systems and in life itself, I present you with this precious book of mine: Life is Technology . It is my sincerest wish that it benefits you as much as it has done for me.

THE UNIVERSAL OPERATING SYSTEM: The answer to life the universe and everything

The simulation theory of the universe, the theory that states that the entire universe is a computer simulation, has taken the world by storm these days. Many versions of the theory have been promulgated by different individuals from tech titans, philosophers and the general thinking public alike. My theory is quite different from the most popular, which states that the universe is a regular computer simulation running on some kind of Von Neumann computer or quantum computer whichever you like. I state that space, time and matter are structures executing code! That is, the physical universe which we can observe is actually the lowest level on the abstraction layers that make up the universal computer! Just like the physical electronic circuitry makes possible the abstract software that runs on a computer, the physical universe makes it possible for some software at meta levels to run, the system is in layers and at the highest level of abstraction is the no different than the ki