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Cellular Automata, Computational irreducibility and Equational models, towards AGI

The general assumption that we can find an equation for every data sequence is proven false when we observe the evolution of Rule 30 Cellular automaton. Computational irreducibility proves that we cannot always capture a summary of data with an equation, but sometimes the most concise representation of data is the program that generated the data itself. 

Towards program based models

 As the deeplearning fever has calmed down like I actually predicted it will because we have not seen any general AI arise from it, its time to reflect on what we have learned from it and gain wisdom in order to avoid folly in the future and to also help correct our trajectory towards AGI so we can reach there in a reasonable time. 

What you actually need to become an expert programmer

 When it comes to programming, there is no reasonable shortcut to practice. What kind of practice am I talking about? Does it mean we should spend all day on  Leetcode  or  Hackerrank ? No, you don't have to but it is very important that you spend sufficient time on these platforms to improve the quality of your programming expressibility.

True Augmented/Virtual Reality will happen after this invention

We now access the internet from flat computer screens but this will not be the case when VR/AR technologies mature. Current VR/AR technologies are no different from the mainframes of the 70s. They are allowing us to explore a new form of presenting information and although it's not yet time for them to hit primetime, these technologies are the future and must be continuously developed.

Doge fever! The big hedge

  Many people are dumping loads of mostly US dollars on Dogecoin and while it might seem unreasonable because Dogecoin looks like a joke, it is actually a massive hedge against all things, the dollar, stocks and the Crypto Titans Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Are Cryptocurrencies the future?

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage these days for all the right reasons. In summary, they are the future. But if you think this post is just about hyping crypto, wait a minute! I will not go into any super-detailed explanation about cryptocurrencies so this post is very short. I just want to highlight some points of importance which I think would be wise to think about as we surf the Crypto age.

AI as the most generalized tool

The final goal of AI should be to create a generalized tool that can create specific tools for achieving specific tasks. The current approach to creating AI is that we take a problem like speech recognition, analyse the problem and then employ a bunch of methods like deep learning and or other regular algorithmic approaches to create a tool that recognizes speech. The same goes for building a tool that recognizes or generates images, etc.

What AI labs should be doing now

 By now I guess it is clear that Deep Learning isn't the miracle solution that will finally bring us our dream of Artificial General Intelligence. Now we can leave the hype alone and focus on the reality of the situation, Deep Learning is a sophisticated tool that can help us solve many problems we can't solve through traditional software development.

Learn some competitive coding

 Although in real software engineering scenarios you will barely encounter the kinds of problems you see in programming interviews or competitive programming, it is actually a good thing to train at these kinds of things because in the end, not only will you train your brain to become stronger, you will also develop what I call the mechanical mind.