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True Augmented/Virtual Reality will happen after this invention

We now access the internet from flat computer screens but this will not be the case when VR/AR technologies mature. Current VR/AR technologies are no different from the mainframes of the 70s. They are allowing us to explore a new form of presenting information and although it's not yet time for them to hit primetime, these technologies are the future and must be continuously developed.

Without much ado, True VR/AR will happen when we reach a level of miniaturization that allow us to put everything we now have on the headset in a piece of contact lens. It is clear from the current clunkiness we see in the device, albeit very sophisticated, is far from this future ideal but eventually, we will get there. 

Remember that the invisible chips we now have been once table to room size devices and even at that the microscopic chips we have now outperform the room size ones a billion times. This trend towards progressive ephemeralization will continue till we have the current VR headsets the size of contact lenses. That is when the true VR/AR tech will become indispensable just like the computer and the internet of today.

So for now we must keep innovating in software while the hardware engineers solve the harder problems of hardware. We must keep finding out the killer app for this new environment just like the browser was the killer app that really made computer's mainstream after the Word processor.


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