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New Information interfaces, the true promise of chatGPT, Bing, Bard, etc.

LLMs like chatGPT are the latest coolest innovation in town. Many people are even speculating with high confidence that these new tools are already Generally intelligent. Well, as with every new hype from self-driving cars based on deeplearning to the current LLMs are AGI, we often tend to miss the importance of these new technologies because we are often engulfed in too much hype which gets investors hyper interested and then lose interest in the whole field of AI when the promises do not pan out.

The most important thing about chatGPT and co is that they are showing us a new way to access information. Most of the time we are not interested in going too deep into typical list-based search engine results to get answers and with the abuse of search results using SEO optimizations and the general trend towards too many ads, finding answers online has become a laborious task. 

Why people are gobbling up stuff like chatGPT is not really about AGI, but it is about a new and novel way to rapidly access information online and get to solving the problems you are interested in instead of hunting through 10 sponsored links, which I deliberately ignore all the time. 

The conversational interface that apps like chatGPT provide is just a new interface to information already available online, which will be the most popular way to get quick access to the information you need on time. The trend for the future is going to be new interfaces to information, any programmer who is looking for startup ideas should really look into this. The more creative ways we have to access already existing and newly created information that is available online the faster we will move in innovation. 

The take from this post is that accessing LLMs via conversational interfaces like chatGPT, Bing, Bard, etc. is just one of the ways we will access information online in the future. Many new innovative ways will be invented that make the process of research hyper-efficient.


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