Modern Masters: Jeff Bezos

Who is he? The CEO of one of the largest online stores which started out as a bookstore. Read the post for my personal take on this guy.

Modern Masters: Steve Jobs

Who is he?
Now Late, Jobs was the CEO of Apple computer. He is most noted as the visionary behind the iPod amongst many other innovative products. Read the post for my take on him.

The informative power of Computation

Starting from simple lumped matter abstractions like transistors we have been able to build a huge global computing infrastructure that has improved our earthly existence in many ways. But what I want to bring our attention to currently is that the process of abstraction through which we built this infrastructure can also inform us as to the fundamental nature of the physical universe and even our intelligence.

The power of symbols

A symbol is a representation of some underlying complexity. It compresses information by allowing us to deal with a more compact representation of some underlying structure than the whole structure itself.

Is Nature discrete or continuous?

So far there is no objective evidence that nature is discrete at the lowest possible levels, but using my right to theorize I would say that when we go deep enough we will discover that nature is discrete and discontinuous. On second thought we might never even be able to observe the ultimate discreteness of nature because of some fundamental law preventing us from observing this.

The Ultimate Revelation of Quantum Mechanics

By! Original: NekoJaNekoJaVector: Johannes Kalliauer - File:Double-slit.PNG, CC BY-SA 4.0,

I have been studying Quantum Mechanics for some time now in lieu of my desire to understand Quantum Computing and I have come to a realization of one very fundamental revelation.