Happy 60th Birthday Stephen Wolfram!

Happy Birthday Stephen Wolfram! A short essay of my experience with this great mind

I was always filled with self-doubt before I met Stephen Wolfram in 2017. I had studied so much for so many years but had been unable to express my knowledge to the world especially in the form of writing. I would write and discard my work so many times because I felt it was not good enough. When I got invited to the Wolfram Summer School (WSS17), my life took a quantum leap from that moment.

Animal Intelligence

Most current Artificial Intelligence efforts are geared at replicating aspects of intelligence that we humans share with animals.

Europe goes quantum

Finnish startup IQM, which is developing quantum computing hardware, has raised an €11.45m seed round from a group of investors including, MIG Funds, OpenOcean, Tesi (the Finnish industrial investment fund), and Vito Ventures.Europe VCs eye quantum computing

At the edge of a cliff - Quantum Computing

Quantum computing reminds me of the early days of computer development (the 50s - 60s) where we had different companies come up with their different computer architectures. You had to learn how to use one architecture then move to another then another as you hoped to explore different systems that were better for one task than they were for another task.

From Novice to AI with Wolfram Language

I taught a full course on Wolfram Language programming, Computational Thinking and Artificial Intelligence in just 3 days!! That is 3 days to go from total Wolfram language programming novice to eventually training models using the robust automated artificial intelligence system included in Mathematica.

Next Steps Towards Strong Artificial Intelligence

If you follow current AI Research then it will be apparent to you that AI research, the deep learning type has stalled! This does not mean that new areas of application for existing techniques are not appearing but that the fundamentals have been solved and things have become pretty standardized.

What is Intelligence: Strong AI arrival scenarios

Strong AI arrival scenarios

There are several scenarios through which Strong AI can arrive for humanity. Here are some that I find highly probable.