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Don't let bias cloud reason

 Many very intelligent people claim to be free of bias, which is somewhat emotional in nature and therefore claim to judge everything objectively. But this is rarely the case in reality as our minds no matter how sophisticated is sometimes clouded by irrational bias, mostly inherited from our social/familial involvements since the earliest times of our physical development in this life which actually stretch through the longest chain of our evolutionary history, and hidden deep inside our emotional nature that we are sometimes not even aware that we are biased in our view.
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What AI labs should be doing now

 By now I guess it is clear that Deep Learning isn't the miracle solution that will finally bring us our dream of Artificial General Intelligence. Now we can leave the hype alone and focus on the reality of the situation, Deep Learning is a sophisticated tool that can help us solve many problems we can't solve through traditional software development.

Learn some competitive coding

 Although in real software engineering scenarios you will barely encounter the kinds of problems you see in programming interviews or competitive programming, it is actually a good thing to train at these kinds of things because in the end, not only will you train your brain to become stronger, you will also develop what I call the mechanical mind. 

You need to jump dimensions to solve certain problems

  In the image caption above you see the solution to the equation given in the first line in the second line. A simple looking innocuous equation doesn't have a solution in the real line. In order to solve it, we have to jump into the imaginary line. 

Customized Artificial Intelligence

Although we are still some decades away, IMHO, from building full Artificial General Intelligence, we have succeeded in building some kind of artificial intelligence based on deeplearning techniques which are in some ways better than the older GOFAI systems of the 50s - 80s era.