Getting Serious about AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)

I think its time to think more accurately about AGI so that we can all have a clear direction to guide our research towards building the kind of Strong AI which we as AI researchers have all dreamt of. Its time to get away from too much fantasy and focus on the right vision, and with this vision maybe we could have a better shot at creating the most powerful technology that humanity will ever have to create, a human-like mind unencumbered by the limits of a biological brain.

Humanity is 4 dimensional

Humanity is a singular 4-dimensional being, each and every one of us are 3-dimensional extrusions of this massive 4-dimensional entity.

Is the brain Quantum or Classical

While Max Tegmark opposes the idea that the brain could be a quantum computer, Sir Roger Penrose and others would say otherwise. I will not go into the details of their individual reasons for making their assertion but I would like to explain why Sir Roger Penrose alongside Stuart Hameroff might have a good point.

Some Insights on Quantum computation


The hardest part about learning quantum computing is making a simple mental switch. Independent of the platform you might be interested in, whenever quantum computing is mentioned there is a very simple way to view the entire field. I will explain briefly below.

A short and sweet Computer Science/Wolfram Language Tutorial

While nothing beats the Wolfram language tutorial available at I decided to take a slightly different approach to share some knowledge about the language. There was this classic computer science lecture that took place at MIT in 1986 taught by Gerald Jay Sussman, Hal Abelson, Julie Sussman.

Distributed vs Centralized Intelligence

There are two main paths we could take towards the goal of building Synthetic (Artificial and General) Intelligence. We could either take the distributed or Centralized paths.

Survival of the persistent

Charles Darwin

I have been thinking of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution these days as I spend more time working on evolutionary computing stuff and I came up with a new way to phrase survival of the fittest as the survival of the persistent. Because what I observe in the world these days as pertains to humans has more to do with persistence than raw physical fitness.