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A new paradigm of Software Engineering

In this Blog Post,   Andrej Karpathy   Director of AI at Tesla talks about a new paradigm of software engineering which he calls software 2.0. In it, he talks about software 1.0 which is the manual kind of programming we have been doing till now and software 2.0 as the automatic means through which we solve problems traditionally in the domain of software 1.0 with optimization algorithms like back-propagation.

How to gain knowledge

When we want to gain knowledge about some field, the first thing we do is study it by probably picking up a book, a video course, audio material or some other kind of presentation. We can gain knowledge through all these means but there are certain techniques that might not be obvious that can enable us to gain solid knowledge, the kind we can pass to another.

Software of the future

From the appearance of the first programmable computer, the software has evolved in power and complexity. We went from manually toggling electronic switches to loading punch cards and eventually entering C code on the early PDP computers. Video screens came in and empowered the programmer very much, rather than waiting for printouts to debug our programs, we were directly manipulating code on the screen.

How the next AI winter will happen

From the excessive hype going on about artificial intelligence, it is obvious that we are in a bubble and of course we all know what happens to bubbles, they eventually burst. In this post I will describe how I think the next AI winter will come about and what to do as a company or individual to insulate yourself from whatever negative consequences will result.

There are no delays

While human consciousness running in a physical body expects the whole universe to conform to its individual will, ignoring the fact that the universe must balance everything, the universe is rather executing its own algorithm and expecting that human consciousness should align with it.

Free will

Consciousness is the only free thing in this observable universe of ours and while the earthly implementation in human bodies is only a shallow reflection of the full power of consciousness, it is not constrained by this limitation of poorly developed human bodies.

The algorithm called life

Life will only do that which is good for us in the final analysis of what goodness is. Life is not arbitrary, it is a well-designed algorithm that seems to give us pain from time to time to adjust us on what it thinks its the right path. Life is some Deep Reinforcement learning algorithm that is optimizing us towards a specific goal. I have written about what this goal could be in a previous work title: Life is technology. Life is not random, it is structured and deliberate. It has a goal! even the evolution of a galaxy has a goal for which life has set for it.