What is intelligence: What is intelligence?

What is intelligence?

I will define intelligence not by using more words but by describing the actions of an intelligent entity, system or model. This is a far better approach because definitions in a natural language just try to use different words with which we are more familiar to describe terminology which we are not familiar with. Rather than following that approach which in most cases leaves us more confused than we started I will rather describe the actions of intelligence. I am writing this book with a special focus on people actively working in the field of Strong Artificial Intelligence (towards AGI type) because it seems the biggest problem in that field is actually describing the problem that they seek to solve. People in other fields who are curious about the question of Intelligence both natural and artificial are also welcome.

What is Intelligence: Introduction


This book is filled with wild ideas! It is a product of long-term brooding over the topic of Intelligence and most especially how to build it. The thoughts contained in this work have consumed me for the greater part of my life on earth and I think it is about time I share it with the world.

The illusion of solidity

We experience the physical world solidly. We touch a wall, we hold a cup and we feel the wetness of water but in reality, we are experiencing nothing because even the atoms upon which the physical world is based on is 99% space.

Programming Enlightenment through Wolfram language

I have walked the path of programming and computers for many years and I have come to some very deep revelations about the core structure of computation most of which I had encoded in my book on programming available on Amazon. But what I want to talk about today is about the enlightenment that comes to those who know how to program in the Wolfram Language.

What concept of time would AI posses

As human beings, we have some kind of time sense governing our actions. We know that we have a limited time on earth and we also have clocks and calendars governing our actions. We don't just free flow through infinite space-time, we have another kind of pseudo measure in our minds that govern how we plan our lives and execute our task.

Version 12 Launches Today! (And It's a Big Jump for Wolfram Language and Mathematica)

#Wolfram language 12: The next paradigm of computational power

I get surprised and get philosophical when I think of the enormous computational power you can gain if you only decided to use the right tools. Programming should be fun and enjoyable but the reality is that with a poorly designed language and loosely connected tools programming ends up being like hard labour. Wolfram language remains the most elegant and sophisticated language for doing any kind of computation, be it Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Blockchain, etc. Read the full blogpost lunching the latest version 12 @ Wolfram Language Version 12