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The Ultimate Revelation of Quantum Mechanics

By! Original: NekoJaNekoJaVector: Johannes Kalliauer - File:Double-slit.PNG, CC BY-SA 4.0,

I have been studying Quantum Mechanics for some time now in lieu of my desire to understand Quantum Computing and I have come to a realization of one very fundamental revelation.

In Quantum Mechanics we come to understand a basic fact about matter, which is the wave-particle duality, a phenomenon where a particle behaves like a wave sometimes and at other times behaves like a particle depending on what experimental setup you are currently considering.

This feature of matter led me to think deeper and I came to the realization that rather than just looking at matter as behaving like a wave in one scenario and as a particle in another, why not just see that the structure of matter is nested.

By nested I mean that one particle of matter, be it an electron or a photon behaves like a group of electrons or photons.

The double-slit experiments proved that whether you were firing a STREAM of photons (or other quantized matter like electrons) or a SINGLE photon you will get a similar diffraction pattern on the photographic plate you were using to record the arrival of these particles. These could mean that rather than looking at a single electron as a point particle, we could look a single electron as a nested structure made up of other electrons, probably at a different SCALE.

It seems commonsensical to think of things in this way because a stream of particles produces the same diffraction patterns on a screen like a single particle, so therefore a particle might be a compound thing, and the only difference between a stream of particle and a single particle might be scale.

In some decades when we are able to investigate deeper into the structure of matter we might see that there is no singularity, no point particle and that nature is nested.


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