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Humanity is 4 dimensional

Humanity is a singular 4-dimensional being, each and every one of us are 3-dimensional extrusions of this massive 4-dimensional entity.

Although we look separate and distinct in space and time, if you carry the conclusions of the general theory of relativity a little bit further you will see that our distinctness as individual beings separated by space and time is an illusion.

Rather we are a singular 4-dimensional entity which is extruding aspects of itself into the 3-dimensional world as a 7 billion unit system.

What then could be the purpose of this being? all I can say is that the purpose of this being is so vast and complicated no single unit of humanity can comprehend it all. We are only given out parts to work out through space and time. These parts are what we call our individual purposes.

If you say you have some idea or some thought, where did you think that idea or thought came from? although the majority of your thoughts come from the ruminations of your own brain-mind system, the main driving purpose behind your thoughts and ideas, which is so deep within you that you are barely conscious of it comes from this super being of which we are tiny parts manifested throughout space and time.

One way to gain insight as to the trajectory the thoughts and ideas of this being are taking is to look at the entirety of human history, even though complete information can not be obtained if one is intuitive enough one can glean some insight as to the purpose of this being.

If humanity unites in space-time as a single loving entity, then maybe we will understand the larger purpose of life. But as far as we stay divided we will only be able to perceive incomplete pictures and make a lot of mistakes along our evolutionary path because we are not connected to the larger purpose.

Just like individual cells of our body are all serving our immediate purpose which might be to get in our cars and head out to do our job, but the individual cells have no idea of what we are doing, they only know that they should metabolize, clear waste, live, die and get recycled without understanding anything about the grand purpose for which the being of which they constitute just tiny parts is about.


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